Un diario nunca se comparte

Hoy encontré en un libro que leí en la primaria el siguiente diálogo:

My Diary

by Bernard Waber

-This is my diary. It's very private... and very personal. I won't let anyone read it.
-Not even you mother? Not even your father?
-Not even my mother. Not even my father.
-May I look at it?
-NO! It's personal and private.
-May I just peek at the color of the pages?
-Please? Oh please?
-All right... just the color of the pages. There!
-Pnik! Oh, how beautiful! May I just peek at the first word on the first page?
-Please? Oh please?
-Look. I'll let you wear ,y Indian bracelet-
-You will! You really will? Well... all right, but just the first word on the first page. That's all! There!
-It says, "I." The first word is "I." May I just peek at the second word? Please?
-NO! It's personal and private.
-I'll let you feed my cat.
-You will! You promise? Well... all right, just the second word And that's all! Understand? There!
-It says, "think." "I think..." May I just peek at the third word?
-Please? Please? Please?
-NO! NO! NO!
-I'll let you wear my good-luck charm. The one my Aunt Grace sent from Atlantic City.
-You will! All right... just the third word. AND THAT'S ALL! THAT IS ALL! UNDERSTAND! There!
-It says, "David." "I think David..." Please, may I peek at the fourth word? Oh, please? Oh, please? Please? Please? Please?
-NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! Once and for all... NO!
-I'll let you dress my baby sister.
-ALL RIGHT... just the fourth word. And that's the last! LAST! LAST! LAST!
-It says, "is." "I think David is..."
-I can't tell you.
-It's not fair. "Is" is such a little word. It's hardly a word at all. It shouldn't have counted as a word.
Please, may I see the fifth word? Please? Please? PLEASE?
-If you won't let me see the fifth word, Iwon't be your friend.
-You won't? You mean it? There! There's the fifth word.
-It says, "nice." "I think David is nice." Do you really? Do you really think David is nice?
-You like him? You really like him?
-To tell everybody.